Polaroid from Italy

Ever wondered what it feels like to receive an Original Polaroid from Italy every single month knowing no one in the entire world has a copy of that Polaroid?


That is what I want to do.
I started photography when I was 6 (over 25 years ago), before Digital camera and cell-phone cameras. yet after 25 years of taking photos I am still fascinated by the uniqueness of Polaroid.
It cannot be duplicated, cannot be edited, and cannot be repeated.

Once taken, that moment is forever captures in only 1 Polaroid film.
There is no Photoshop, there is no dark room, and there is no Digital file to share on Instagram; it is just an instant of time that is gone but forever captured.

Every month I travel to different places in Italy and capture photos with film cameras, Digital cameras and of course Polaroid cameras. But among all the photos I take I never share the Polaroids, because there can't be another copy of those Polaroid. in a way Polaroid is a moment of life that is forever gone, but captured in 1 single copy.
And I prefer to keep this magic.

But now, I want to send a unique Polaroid from Italy directly to you. not a copy, not a duplicate. an original Polaroid, yours forever to enjoy that specific moment of time captured by my Polaroid camera.

Each subscriber will get a unique Polaroid send to them every month.