Did you know Suicide rates among Girls aged 10-14 has increased +151% since the launch of Facebook?

Most people can't stop looking at their phone these days, and if you ask them why, they said it is either their "choice" or they "like" to do so. But truth is that the obsessive appeal of social networks is not a choice or a matter of personal liking, it is their most important feature.

There is even a job for that, these companies hire people to help them make it harder for the user to leave their app.

But now it is affecting children and young adults more than before, because this generation for the first time, do not know the world without Social media.

Since the launch of Facebook in 2009, Non-Fatal Self Harm has increased more than 151% among girls aged 10-14, and +62% among girls aged 15-19.

Suicide rate increased more than 148% among girls aged 10-14, and +70% among girls aged 15-19.

But how can you control it when having a smart phone is a necessity for your children?

How would you take a generation out of the Matrix if they do not even know that they are in the Matrix?

This webinar is exactly about that, I want to show you how the social media platforms work, how you can reduce the harm as much as possible, and how you can save your children without being the awful parent in their eyes.

What you'll learn

  • The Psychology of Social Media and Social Media Addiction.
  • What is Cyber-Bullying and how to stop it.
  • What are your children's privacy rights
  • How to oversee what is happening in your children;s social media.
  • Parenting Control tools and how to use them.
  • How to secure your home internet network to prevent Privacy Breach.
  • What happens when we share something online.

About the Host

I have always in involved in Tech & Entertainment personally and professionally; I have worked as a Video Game Producer, Film Producer, Designer, Video Game Researcher, Video Game Speaker, and Tech Researcher.

And the reason why I am teaching this is not that I believe social media is bad, but I believe It is addictive, and it is a mean world that can easily lead any person to anxiety, self-harm and suicide.

Save your spot

This webinar is not a recorded playback, it is a live webinar with me and at the end you will have time to ask me all your questions.

Once you reserve your webinar, I will send you the available time slots so you can choose the one that works best for you.

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