Editing Masterclass

Some people believe in Magic, some believe in science, and some believe in Art; and usually, they don't agree with each other.
But Photography (and Videography) is where Magic, Science, and Art come together.
Photography is pure science because it is only about light. It is pure art because it is only about creating the most memorable photograph. And it is pure magic because the moment you press the Shutter, you freeze a snap of time for the rest of the eternity.
I fell in love with Photography and Film Making when I was four years old, and it took 16 years, 11 awards, and hundreds of burnt negative films to become the producer of my own Drama Film and have my own Photography Studio.
But besides all the difficulties and ups and downs, the Camera has always been my closest friend.
It stood by me when I was dealing with so much anxiety as a 1.5 Generation Immigrant, and it was there when I wanted to capture the most beautiful moments of my life.
That is why I teach Photography and Film Making....

4 Masterclasses, 4 Editing Software

Class Structure

  • Each masterclass  is divided into three levels:
  • Each level includes 20 private sessions, 20 assignments, a quiz every 5 sessions, and a Final Test.
  • Each class is 45 minutes, and every class ends with a Q&A and Assignment Review.
  • *Please keep in mind that kids' classes are 1 hour, and include one free online session with Parents.*

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