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Hoorakhsh Pb


working as UI/UX Designer, Motion Designer, and Art Director.

yEars of expErience


including MiFA, PX3 Paris, Tokyo Awards, Behind the Lens, etc.

inteRnational AwaRds


M.S. Business Management

B.A. (Hons) Design

UnIvErsity dEgRees

As the years passed, my love for the visual arts only deepened.

By the age of seven, I had fallen head over heels for the captivating realm of video games. Their immersive pixelated worlds, rich storytelling, and the imaginative possibilities they offered fascinated me to no end. Video games became more than just a pastime; they became a source of inspiration and a canvas for my creative aspirations.

Hoorakhsh Pb
Hoorakhsh Pb

I began my creative journey at an early age when my father introduced me to the world of film photography when I was just five years old.

This pivotal moment marked the inception of my lifelong passion for visual storytelling. With his guidance and boundless enthusiasm, he placed my very first camera in my hands, teaching me the art of capturing moments frozen in time.

Those early lessons in composition, light, and the power of storytelling through the lens ignited a spark within me, a spark that would shape the trajectory of my life and career.

My creative spirit is also deeply influenced by my fascination with steampunk aesthetics. The intricate gears, Victorian-era elegance, and the blend of retro-futuristic elements have always held a special place in my heart. Much like the works of Archane Studio and 2k Studios, who I deeply admire for their ability to blend art and technology, I draw inspiration from the steampunk genre to infuse my designs with a unique and captivating flair.

Hoorakhsh Pb
Hoorakhsh Pb

My passion for both photography and video games would intertwine and set me on a remarkable path. As I grew older, I began to explore the synergy between these two interests, and this exploration led me to the captivating world of 3D modeling and motion design. Driven by my profound passion for photography, cinema, and video games, I embarked on a journey of discovery and skill development.

Over the last few years, I have dedicated hundreds of hours to honing my skills in 3D modeling and motion design. This pursuit allowed me to seamlessly weave my love for visuals and storytelling into a tapestry of dynamic and captivating animations. It's been an exhilarating journey, one where my diverse artistic passions have converged to breathe life into imaginative motion design projects.

In essence, my creative journey, which began with a camera in hand and a love for video games in my heart, has evolved into a fulfilling career as a UI designer and motion designer. It's a journey marked by a deep-seated passion for visual storytelling, an affinity for steampunk aesthetics, and a drive to create experiences that captivate and inspire users.

Hoorakhsh Pb
Hoorakhsh Pb

With over a decade of dedicated experience in UI design, I've had the privilege of crafting digital experiences across a wide spectrum of projects. Each project, with its unique set of challenges and opportunities, has honed my technical skills and cultivated my adaptability and creativity. Whether working on high-budget ventures or finding ingenious ways to deliver outstanding results within tighter financial constraints, my extensive tenure in UI design has shaped me into a versatile and resourceful designer.

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