About Me

My creative journey began in 1995 when I fell in love with my father's Minolta camera and started burning negative films.

Trying to figuring out the unknown world of Windows 95, Adobe Photoshop 2.5, and pixelated video games I fell in love with Digital Art as much as traditional Art.

Self-learned Adobe Photoshop by the age of 6, Autodesk Maya by the age of 15, Macromedia Flash (RIP) by the age of 16 and Adobe Premiere by the age of 18.

On 2016, after many years of working in different fields of the creative industries (from Photography and Film Making to Interior Design and Video Game Design), and struggling to find out where I belong in the world of Art, I embarked on a new journey at the faculty of Economics in Bologna to understand the management and creation of Creative Businesses.

And finally, after establishing 5 creative businesses, and working with more than 15 organizations in 9 cities in the world, I moved to Milan to pursuit my infinite love of Film & Video Game Production.

Besides working on Producing 5 feature and documentary films, I am working on my new Photography book to be publish in Summer 2020.